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  Public Ticket #2600258
Push Notifications


  • Halo started the conversation

    When viewing the code the push notification code is commented out. We was not aware of this and now it is published without this feature that we had initially purchased the script for. 

    Can you assist on why this was commented out? 

    We cannot get any campaign notifications to users that downloaded the app in the Play Store that we have published already.

    Attached files:  NBS_PushNotificationCode.jpeg

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    Zouhair replied

    Hello , 

    Thanks for your ticket,

    If you read the code carefully you will find that the script has been upgraded to the new class  DTNotificationManager , if you can debug the new function you will see all the transitions required in order to recieve the notification .

    Make sure the firebase api si configured correctly from your firebase console .

  •   Halo replied privately
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    Zouhair replied

    sure we will be glad to work with you , please contact us via skype : droideve.tech@gmail.com

  •   Halo replied privately