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  Public Ticket #2688731
Mail subject translation


  • tmahzm started the conversation

    I would like to translate the subject of the arriving mail.
    This is the subject of the incoming mail.

    Mail verification : 

    New Password : 

    In what file should this text be found and corrected?
    (I tried to add this text in multilingual but it was not translated)

    Attached files:  111.jpg

  •  61
    Ilyass replied


    Hope you are doing well, 

    Apologize for the late reply , we were on vacation.

    Please go to the following path : application/modules/user/models/User_model.php

    line 626 

    $mail->setSubjet("New Password");

    replace it with :

    $mail->setSubjet(Translate::sprint("New Password"));

    now you add the translated word from the dashboard.

    Best Regards DT team.

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